Soldiers’ donated brains may reveal harm of combat injuries

UW Medicine, VA Puget Sound link in research to discern whether blasts cause diseases such as Alzheimer’s

Seattle Times  |  Updated 4:15 PM, 05.31.2016

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  • U.S. Army Capt. Cecil Simmons, checks Pfc. Lee Vong Yang, an infantryman, after Yang returned from a patrol in July 2014. Soldiers involved in explosions are given the Military Acute Concussion Evaluation. U.S. Army | Sgt. Nelson Robles
Researchers at UW Medicine and the Puget Sound Veterans Affairs healthcare system have begun a study of donated brains of service members to examine for negative outcomes potentially linked to repeated blast injury.

The Pacific Northwest Brain Donor Network will help physicians understand the impact of mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI) on active-duty military members and veterans.

Neuropathologist Dirk Keene is collaborating with Elaine Peskind, who co-directs mental illness research at VA Puget Sound.

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