Rise in bike crashes highlights helmet importance

Harborview Injury Prevention and Research Center's Dr. Fred Rivara says brain injury leads causes of hospitalization and death from bike crashes

Consumer Health  |  Updated 10:15 AM, 06.06.2017

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  • A bike rider enjoys a winding road and scenic countryside while his helmet reduces his risk of brain injury in the case of a fall or crash. David Marcu/Unsplash

As the number of bike crashes increases, Consumer Reports looks at the role of bike helmets in protecting against debilitating injury or death.

 They spoke with Dr. Fred Rivara, professor and vice chair of the University of Washington Department of Pediatrics, and a member of the core faculty of the Harborview Injury Prevention and Research Center.

He explained that the majority of serious injuries from cycling have one thing in common: head trauma.  He said that two-thirds of hospitalizations and three quarters of deaths from bicycle crashes are due to head injuries.  The article cites extensive research that shows that a helmet is the best way for riders to safeguard against potentially fatal head injuries.  

The Consumer Reports article goes on to offer advice on picking a bike helmet.

Read the article.

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