Gardening in the Navajo Nation: Public health effort takes root

Pilot project in 2 communities inspires youth and families to grow and eat more fruits, vegetables

School of Public Health  |  Updated 3:45 PM, 03.02.2017

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  • (Click arrow for video.) Girls in a Navajo community in New Mexico take part in a program that aims to improve health while reducing rates of diabetes and cancer. Katherine B. Turner

American Indians suffer high rates of diabetes and cancer relative to the general population. One suspected reason is the lack of easy access, on reservations, to fresh fruit and vegetables.

Researchers at the University of Washington School of Public Health are working with peers in New Mexico on a wellness intervention for the Navajo Nation. It involves gardening, long part of Navajo culture's respect for "Mother Earth."

Katherine Turner interviewed the program's main stakeholders to create this video.

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